How to call Passive Candidates?

Recruiters make tons of calls everyday to Candidates. Mostly they are to active candidates, because they have been sourced from Job portals, where candidates are active.

However with a powerful social media platforms like LinkedIn, recruiters are now even making calls to passive candidates, especially for the mid to senior levels.

Now while, an active candidate is likely to welcome a call from the Recruiter, passive candidates may or may not like the intrusion, if not presented properly.

Hence we have put together a few calling scripts (cold call), that

Now please note, calling script depends on the level of profile one is calling. So while there are scripts for Junior/Fresher to Mid Level and Very Senior level available with us, we have shared one most used i.e mid to senior level. We feel such well crafted scripts can help Recruiters build instant credibility on phone; compelling the candidate to provide a fair chance to the Recruiter.

Mid to Senior level Call Script

Hi John, my name is Sweta Sharma and I am a senior Recruiter with JCPL Ltd. In the process of conducting my search, your name has surfaced as a [Project Head] who may have some of the qualifications my client is seeking.  Are you open to discussing the possibility of comparing your present position with an opportunity outside your organization?”


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