Hired Or Rejected ? See how HR’s decide this.

In these times, we can’t get enough of interviewing tips and guides.

People are always panicking about job interviews, try to prepare as much as possible but there is no way of predicting the outcome.

In this info-graphic there are some cool points for making the decision.

General Observations:

  • 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone.
  • Having little to no knowledge of the company is the most common mistake made during interviews
  • 67% of bosses say that failure to make eye contact is a common nonverbal mistake.
  • When meeting new people, 55% of the impact comes from the way the person dresses, acts and walks through the door.
  • 65% of bosses indicate that clothes could be a deciding factor between two almost-identical candidates
  • The number one question most likely to be asked is: “Tell me about yourself”.
  • The number one most common mistake at a job interview is: failing to ask for the job.



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