SQL developer for Top E-Commerce Company, Bangalore

Experience: 2+ yrs
Work Location : Bangalore
To work on Myntra’s data warehousing solution which uses technologies such as MySql and RedShift. Job will require working with ETL tools, write SQL queries and extract data from databases and persist them in a data warehouse (RedShift).
Good knowledge and experience in MySql database and SQL are critical.
The developer is expected to have a solid understanding of database technologies, and should be able to write SQL queries to process and manipulate data.

Expertise in Select, Insert, Update, multi-table Joins, Stored Procedures and use of SQL operators is a must.
Experience working with ETL tools such as Pentaho, and data warehousing solutions such as Amazon RedShift or Microsoft’s SQL Server and SQL Data Warehousing solutions would be an advantage.
The candidate should also be able to process the data retrieved from databases through scripting languages such as Shell scripting, Perl or Python.
Candidates also must have experience working with Linux systems in general.
NP(Looking max 15 to 20 days) :
Must be available for f2f interview
Sharada B| Talent Acquisition Team
Boardline: 080-466-37200 Ext: 163



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