Software Engineer

Position: Software Engineer
A Software Engineer at Anakin who drives potentially complex and innovative projects with flexibility to learn trending technologies. The work includes develop ‘best fit’ products/solutions/applications using latest web / mobile / big screen technologies and Cloud ecosystem.
1. + Design / code / document and test components / subsystems in an Agile-Scrum setup; adherence to established software development process and engineering practices.
2. + Work closely with Team lead to understand the needs and develop solutions to close that need as a team player
3. + Ensure to release bug free code after the Unit test; Take ownership of what you build after the release;
4. + Volunteer for work in the backlog and commit to quality delivery with the team spirit; Coordinate efforts across the team to ensure completion and effectiveness.
+ Significant software engineering skills and computer science experience
+ Ability to learn and adapt in a fast paced environment, while producing quality code
+ Ability to write / debug, and deploy code that is technically sound, performant, scalable, and readable; deliver timely fixes
+ Ability Perform peer code reviews in order to ensure quality standards
Professional Experience
+ 3+ years of experience creating large, scalable systems with cloud / e-commerce exposer
+ Proficiency in one of programming languages like Laravel / Python / Javascript
+ Experience with object oriented programing PHP, relational database technologies and RESTful APIs ; Knowledge of Unix / Linux / SQL / NOSQL.
+ Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
Team Anakin



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