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How Your Cover Letter Should look in 2018 ?

Its always a good idea to send across a cover letter along with your resume.This cover letter should be very brief , concise and to the point of what your experience and keyskills are and how does it match to the job position the company is looking for. Make sure the cover letter and your […]
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How to write a Good Covering Letter

Each job that you are applying for will need its own letter, and you will need to put some care into crafting your response. Taking the time to write a quality cover letter will lead to more interviews and decrease the time it will take to get a job offer: 1. Use language that carefully […]
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Check out these Different types of interview 

Before you go on your interview, you should realize there are several common types of job interviews. You will definitely want to inquire what type of job interview you will be going on beforehand so you can best prepare for it. Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter what type of job interview will be […]
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Resume Writing Tips For Fresh Graduates

For newly graduated candidates, writing your first professional CV can be challenging. It’s tough to know how exactly you should structure your CV, what to include and how to compete with all the experienced job seekers on the market. Here are a few pointers to help you get it right: Don’t over complicate it To […]
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Reasons Behind Top Common Interview Questions

Whenever we go to any interview , we all must have faced the same repetitive questions. Most of us have the answer for them instantly ready as we have well prepared them in our minds. But do we ever know or think what perspective the HR has while asking those questions. Most of the companies […]
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5 Things you should avoid to say when you Quit Your Job

Once You have accepted a job offer from a company.(Make sure you have made all the research before accepting the offer.) It is your duty to inform the current company about your new beginning. It would not be a good idea to abscond as it doesn’t just weakens your career line , but also creates […]
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Are you Afraid of Interviews ? Check this guide out !

Interviews are tough for everyone — but for introverts they can seem especially frightening. Introverts can be labeled as “shy,” “nervous” or even “anti-social,” when in fact they just like to get things done in their own way. They have their own set of superpowers that can be beneficial during interviews. For example, these individuals […]
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Thinking how to start making your Resume ? Get this Resume Checklist

We all have lots of internet templates available for making professional resumes.But we do not understand that the points mentioned in the template may not be matching to our job role. Hence it is very important that a job-seeker should spend some time in drafting the resume rather than just copy-pasting it. Now if you […]
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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In Interview

Some interview mistakes are common sense, but some mistakes aren’t always obvious. Check this out..

Things Job Seekers Should Avoid Posting On Social Media

Are you broadcasting something that turns employers off? You might need to do more than just hide those incriminating spring break photos.