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Taking A Telephonic Interview- Questions you Should & Shouldn’t Ask

With a lot of Companies & Recruitment Consultancies booming up. Majority of the HR’s prefer to have the candidate phone screened before actually meeting them up. If you are a recruiter and the best approach is to take phone screenings .With phone screenings you can actually rule out possibilities of a bad hire. That way, […]
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Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus

Job seeking can be a long and laborious process, and it can sometimes feel like recruiters are on a completely different planet to the one you’re on.

How HR Technology has changed Recruitment ?

Finding the right candidate for the right job has always been the Holy Grail of recruiting, but thanks to social recruiting technology it’s easier than ever to succeed in that elusive quest.Here are 10 ways social recruiting technology has changed the recruiting game and three things to look forward to..

How to call Passive Candidates?

Recruiters make tons of calls everyday to Candidates. Mostly they are to active candidates, because they have been sourced from Job portals, where candidates are active. However with a powerful social media platforms like LinkedIn, recruiters are now even making calls to passive candidates, especially for the mid to senior levels. Now while, an active […]
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How to judge if the candidate is not being honest?

During many workshops that we conduct for Recruiters on engaging effectively with candidates, we get quite a few questions around how to judge whether the candidate is being completely honest about his/her interest. Many a times, the Candidate tends to keep talking with the Recruiter just to find out what’s their market value or some […]
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Why Placement firms don’t share Client names with Candidates?

Did you know that over 70% of placement firms do not share the Client name with the Candidates during initial interactions? Its always something like “for one our large telecom customers in Mumbai”… Having interacted with over 500 Placement firm owners and CEOs, I gathered that there are three key reasons why they don’t prefer […]
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